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Animal Encyclopedia

Press Release: 
Human Resources, Chinatown, Los Angeles
September 8–12, 2021

Presented by Authentic Children Art Association in collaboration with OneHouse Arts

Come one, come all! The circus is in town! Marvel at the array of Animal Encyclopedia - grizzly bears, toucans, flying fish, humpback camels, Spectres of Shadow, iguanas, cockatoos, and many species more!

Authentic Children Art Association eagerly presents over 200 animal portraits by OneHouse Arts students from ages 4 to 10. Pencilless, these artists immediately place paint brush to paper - creating bold and brave lines, translating perceptions of their favorite creatures into being. Children’s art, despite losing its original prestigious positioning on cave ceilings and relegated to transgressive expressions on drywall, has resurged in the past century as the inspiration for modernism! The influence of these innovative young artists can be seen throughout the movements of contemporary art - featured prominently in the work of such adults as Matisse and Picasso. Your favorite artists’ favorite artists.

Authentic Children Art Association is a non-profit project committed to nurturing genuine expression, appreciation, and compassion in children, parents and educators by presenting authentic children’s art exhibitions in collaboration with schools and galleries across Southern California.

OneHouse Arts is an experimental art school and philosophy dedicated to helping children discover art on their own by asking questions about their ideas, introducing them to various methods, staying open to their artistic inclinations, providing them with space to create, and giving their art a place in the world at large.

Human Resources is a non-profit art gallery in Chinatown showcasing non-traditional forms of art and performances to engage communities across Los Angeles.

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